Technology - Enabled Clinical Practice

Optimize and expand your patient’s experience with online and remote consultations.

Virtual Doctor's Office - Telehealth

Includes online waiting rooms and LIVE chat to improve the overall patient experience.

HIPPA-Compliant Mobile Application

Supports remote patient encounters and assists patients to collect prescribed
medicines from their nearby pharmacy.

Explore and experience the benefits of telehealth through OnCallMD to deliver remote healthcare to their patients. Conduct 24/7 online video consultations for your patients with our advanced telehealth solution in compliance with HIPAA standards.

Register and begin your remote clinical practice in a few clicks.

After entering the email address for your patients or importing your patient contact information from your EMR, patients can be scheduled into telehealth visits or they can request a telehealth consult through your website.

Keep a tab on your waiting room notifications and start a video call with your next patient in line. You can also capture treatment notes and prescribe medication over the call.

Schedule your automatic payouts and increase your revenue by 30% with after-hours remote consultations through OnCallMD.


How can our application improve your
next visit to the doctor?

Get instant access to on-demand consultations along with e-prescriptions from anywhere, at any time. Consult your doctor online & visit your nearby pharmacy to collect medicines over the counter.


Connect to your doctor with the OnCallMD app. Register and receive your medical consultation in a few clicks.

Pharmacy Assistance

Collect the prescribed medications at your nearby local pharmacy once you’ve completed your consultation with the doctor.


Plan and schedule your doctor’s consultation well ahead of time on the OnCallMD app. You can now make changes to your doctor’s appointment online without having to wait on the phone for assistance.


Choose to consult with your preferred doctor or request for on-demand consultation over your mobile/web browser. Select from our network of American Board-Certified Physicians who is licensed in your state of residence.

Our vision is to spearhead the digital transformation in the healthcare industry without losing focus on the human factor in healthcare. We endeavour to map existing healthcare services to a futuristic healthcare delivery model leveraging telehealth technology.


OnCallMD, the cloud-based telehealth application coupled with on-demand services to optimize and augment physicians/providers-patient encounters in a virtual physician’s/provider’s office. The HIPAA-compliant app improves the revenue outcomes for physicians/providers and health outcomes for patients irrespective of their locations.

Physicians/Providers and patients can now connect with each other in compliance with existing clinical best practices within a shorter turnaround time through our OnCallMD app.

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