How OnCallMD Supports Telehealth Practice for Primary Care Practitioners
By David Hanowski – CEO OnCallMD


A Primary Care practitioner is the first to attend to and treat a patient’s health issues. They specialize in family medicine and can treat common illnesses for patients belonging to all age groups. For more complex health problems, they may refer patients to medical specialists.

Primary Care practitioners face challenges in reaching out to their patients, patients’ family members and other providers from across different locations and time zones in order to coordinate care. Telehealth for Primary Care practitioners allows them to continue their medical practice online for patients near and far. For instance, HIPAA-compliant telehealth apps like OnCallMD make it possible for providers to simultaneously connect with their patients, their patients’ family members and additional consulting physician colleagues via secure video conferencing with its best-in-class “Group Calling” feature.

Consult on A Group Call 

OnCallMD’s “Group Calling” feature is a great value add for Primary Care practitioners who often work with several medical specialists while treating patients for different illnesses. It’s an added advantage for them to include one or more family members during video consultations since health and healthcare are a collective effort between providers, patients, caretakers, and family members.

Here’s how providers can benefit from OnCallMD’s “Group Calling”  video consultations.

group call image

  • The provider has the sole discretion to add or remove participants from the “Group Call” for video consultations on the OnCallMD telehealth platform when desired.
  • The provider can invite other providers and medical specialists who are already registered on the platform to join and share their opinion during the video consultation with the patient.
  • The provider can invite the patient’s family members and caretakers to join the video consultation to provide emotional support and keep a tab on the ongoing treatments.

Customize Patient Fees   

Telehealth platforms improve the scope of quality healthcare delivery from Primary Care practitioners to patients and their families across remote locations who need regular follow-up care. They also support 24/7 virtual urgent care visits during the pandemic.

OnCallMD goes a step further to allow providers to create customized patient fees based on time spent during video consultations. These consultation fees can also be customized for different times of day, such as one fee schedule for consultations occurring during regular office hours and a different set of fees for after-hours care on weekdays, weekends, and special holidays. In a “Group Call”, the patient is the sole beneficiary of this value-added service. As a result, the patient pays a nominal fee for expert advice from medical specialists who joined the video consultation on request. If the family member(s) joining the video call receives medical consultations for themselves then they will be charged for their consultations.

In summary, secure telehealth visits with advanced “Group Calling” features enhance the quality of care delivered to patients. Furthermore, it’s important to note that providers and patients should register and consult over HIPAA-compliant telehealth platforms like OnCallMD rather than opt for run-of-the-mill videoconferencing platforms to ensure credibility and feasibility in line with federal regulations across all the states in the U.S.

A safe and secure environment is mandatory for virtual video consultations in a remote healthcare delivery ecosystem. OnCallMD delivers this security with the most extensive feature set in the industry!  

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