OnCallMD is an affordable, easy-to-use telehealth service that helps healthcare providers and their patients to meet online using their computer or mobile phone. It’s the safest and most convenient way to consult with a doctor during the coronavirus pandemic.

OnCallMD was built to preserve and enhance the relationship between patients and their private doctors in comparison to platforms that match patients up with random doctors. It was also built to make healthcare more convenient, accessible and affordable for patients and doctors, alike, by creating a simple, intuitive and familiar user experience.

To virtually connect with your doctor, simply open your internet browser on your electronic device and go to www.oncall.md. After registering as a member using your doctor’s invite, go to your member dashboard and request your visit with your doctor.

OnCallMD is a secure HIPAA compliant platform which means that all patient information, medical records and consultations are private and secure. Our platform exceeds the highest standards of cyber security.

OnCallMD is a web-based application. So it can be accessed in all 50 states. Healthcare providers offering their services on the platform must be licensed in the state in which they treat patients.

It is neither. As a service for established doctor-patient relationships, OnCallMD requires that the patient contact the doctor’s office to make an appointment for a telehealth session. The doctor’s office confirms the appointments via email and only then can the connect online via OnCallMD.

Yes, as long as your doctor is using the OnCallMD platform and has also invited you to enroll as their patient on OnCallMD.

Studies show that 70% of all urgent care and ER visits can be handled safely and effectively via telehealth. It is a versatile and convenient method of receiving care for a large number of health issues, and this is the foundation of OnCallMD.

Sometimes a patient may sign in to OnCallMD a few minutes before the scheduled time to meet with the provider, or the provider’s previous consultation may be taking longer than expected.The Waiting Room is a function in OnCallMD that organizes patients according to their appointment times and waits for the doctor to join. Once the doctor is available, the scheduled meeting begins automatically.

For a smooth user-experience, we recommend using Google Chrome except on Apple mobile devices (iPads and iPhones). To connect with  your doctor using your Apple mobile devices, you must use your Safari browser. You can’t connect with OnCallMD when using Google Chrome on your Apple device. This is an Apple protocol issue and has nothing to do with any compatibility issues between OnCallMD and Apple devices or Google Chrome.

The OnCallMD platform has been designed to provide an intuitive and smooth user experience. If you find yourself stuck ar any point, you can refer to our member tutorial video (needs hyperlink to the video).

Yes, OnCallMD enables licensed providers to prescribe medications and transmit prescriptions directly to the patient’s designated pharmacy.

OnCallMD meets the strictest patient privacy guidelines of the federal HIPAA law. Online dialogues and video are never stored anywhere.

Physicians store medical notes for each patient after every virtual consultation. However, some physicians may choose to document their patient visits in their practice’s Electronic medical Record (EMR) rather than on OnCallMD’s records.

Make a call to encourage your doctor to subscribe on our website, OnCall.MD. Signing up is easy. Your doctor will be able to set up an appointment with you in just a few clicks!

OnCallMD is a browser-based application, so there is no app to download. It works on any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone that is has a browser and is connected to the internet. See our Help Center for a list of supported browsers and devices.

OnCallMD is always free to use for healthcare providers. This includes more advanced functions such as ePrescribe, multiple provider visits and other advanced features. There are no monthly or annual contracts, and you can cancel anytime.

The patient will pay the provider whatever fee the healthcare provider sets for their service. The provider may determine that a portion of that fee is covered by insurance and the cost to the patient can be adjusted accordingly. In addition to the provider’s fee, an $8.99 convenience fee is charged to the patient for the use of the OnCallMD service. 

We would hate to see you go. But if you want to cancel your account, please send us a request via email at support@oncall.md and we can cancel your account for you.