OnCall.MD Offers Immediate Availability of Free Tele-Health Application

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In Response to COVID-19, New Telehealth Provider Offers Free Telehealth Application

MIAMI, March 30, 2020  — In response to the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus, as well as the ever increasing pressure on physicians at-large to offer telemedicine to their patients, telehealth provider OnCall.MD, https://oncall.md, announced today the early release of their free-to-deploy telehealth software application. This cloud-based solution requires no up-front or recurring monthly costs to providers of any kind, Free Telehealth Platform. David Hanowski, CEO of OnCall.MD, explained the accelerated product release. “We planned a Q3, 2020 release of our product but recent events called for changes to our plans. Many providers are already under continued pressure from the rapid loss of patients, consultations and revenue to health systems, hospitals and to traditional commercial telehealth providers. The current climate is providing even more pressure. OnCall.MD fixes that by providing a HIPAA Compliant telehealth solution that can be used in their homes and offices.”

Today most medical practices operate during typical Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 business hours, which represents 23% of any week. Telephone calls are often the only means of addressing urgent patient needs after hours. Coronavirus has complicated the need for round-the-clock medical attention. Even when physicians provide that telephone help when needed, they invariably go completely unpaid.

For typical non-emergency conditions during the 77% of time outside of business hours, many patients will seek out an Urgent Care or ER facility, or, in some cases, a commercial telehealth solution. In any case, though it may not be the best setting, it’s often very costly to the patient to consult with a physician with whom there is no prior relationship and who has no access to the long-term treatment history that is kept only by the patient’s established primary care provider or specialist. OnCall.MD brings the healthcare setting to the patient and remedies that disconnect for the provider.

The onset of COVID-19 has changed things yet more dramatically. Dr. Mark Zager, top diagnostician and primary care physician, said, “With the new coronavirus still spreading, I needed a way to work with patients that can’t or shouldn’t come to the office or leave home. With OnCall.MD, I can work with my patients remotely and deal with the vast majority of my cases through the platform, with no direct contact of any kind.”

About OnCall.MD

OnCall.MD, https://oncall.md, is a sophisticated cloud-based telehealth solution available by PC, laptop, tablet or any smartphone, it offers providers a mobile healthcare solution that allows their patients to quickly connect with them through a virtual video or telephone consultation, email, or HIPAA compliant text messaging. Providers can manage all health records, connect with a patient’s preferred pharmacy, ePrescribe online, and accept one-time payments via the payment gateway subscription feature.

Press Contact: Tom Johnson, tjohnson@oncall.md.


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