How Remote Healthcare Improves Patient Experience


The pandemic has obviously created substantial turmoil for both patients and providers alike, especially in terms of access to healthcare. As a result, the patient experience has substantially declined especially in the rural and remote regions in the U.S. Forward-thing providers are now largely using telehealth platforms like OnCallMD that support easy and effortless onboarding of both patients and providers to access and deliver virtual healthcare delivery.

Providers Easily Add Billable and Reimbursable After-Hours Care

Even before the pandemic, working parents often found it difficult to get permission from their employers to leave or miss work for their children’s doctors visits. Whether it is a regular follow-up check-up or urgent care, being present at the doctor’s office during the working hours can be daunting and almost near to impossible for the hourly waged and often even salaried employee.

OnCallMD not only helps patients book online, virtual appointments with either 1) their preferred doctor or 2) an available doctor even during office hours or after-hours based on their availability. OnCallMD provides a “physician pooling” feature that allows providers to form a group among themselves and share their patients within themselves as per their availability, protecting every group member’s patient base from seeking virtual care elsewhere. This feature promotes the availability of physicians during both regular hours, as well as after-hours, reduces physician burnout, especially during unprecedented situations such as Covid-19 and protects their most valuable asset, their patient base, by eliminating leakage to alternative virtual options.

Access Healthcare from Anywhere

Children, the elderly, and patients with disabilities or other chronic health conditions are in utmost need of remote healthcare services during the pandemic and otherwise. They encounter different levels of anxiety and discomfort, cost and often physical pain in an effort to travel to an in-person doctor’s visit.

OnCallMD seamlessly connects patients with providers through any web-based or mobile platform. It supports virtual waiting rooms, online appointment booking, blended payment modes (cash and insurance) and integration to any digital patient record or EMR, apart from several other outstanding patient-friendly features. The OnCallMD digital telehealth platform supports the complete patient workflow from patient registration, through complete treatment documentation, to ePrescription and / or home delivery.

Join Online Video Consultations with Family Members In-Need

Visiting a doctor can be overwhelming for many patients whether in-person or online. More often, family members are also the caretakers for patients of different age groups. They might be traveling or located at different locations due to several circumstances. With OnCallMD, a patient’s family members from distant locations can now join any online virtual consultation.

OnCallMD also features “Group Calling” for patients with their preferred doctors and, when necessary, when consultation with other medical specialists is required to get expert medical advice. Providers can invite other specialist providers and / or their patient’s family members/caretakers, all concurrently, to join the online video consultation as and when required. The OnCallMD platform also supports chat conversations and file sharing on the platform during the video consultations, online.

In summary, telehealth applications like OnCallMD facilitate patient’s access to a variety of healthcare services anytime from anywhere. Likewise, it also benefits providers to customize patient fees based on several factors, insurance reimbursement not being the least of them.

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